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High-Quality Hemp Products from Finland

HempRefine Ltd. enters into hemp cultivation contracts to purchase the biomass produced and refines it to natural fibers to be used as raw materials for bio-composites and building insulation products. The side stream of the natural fiber production, the woody inner core of the hemp stalk, is refined into high-quality animal bedding and building materials.

Baling hemp in FinlandWith the production of natural fibres HempRefine Ltd. is meeting the global increase in demand. In Finland, hemp bedding (hurds and hemp pellet) replaces straw, environmentally controversial peat and weaker wood-based raw materials.

In 2015 HempRefine Ltd. has industrial hemp plantations in about 20 locations, mainly in Western and Eastern Finland. The cultivation area will be increased gradually, and our goal is to have 1000 hectares by 2017.

Mobile Production Units

HempRefine Ltd.'s business idea is to create a more energy-efficient and ecologically friendly production technology and production chain, which are based on mobile production units, a competitive advantage provided by the northern climate and the continuous R&D activities together with research institutes and universities.

Logistical costs involved in transporting the raw material lowers the profitability of a business based on the utilization of any biomass. HempRefine Ltd. has developed the world's first industrial-scale decortication line, which can be moved by road as modules. The decortication line is operated as close to the primary production areas as possible, which reduces the transport costs of biomass, thereby increasing the profitability of cultivation and refining activities.

Products and R&D

Our main products are hemp pellets designed for small animals, hemp-lime concrete for construction industy, hemp hurds for gardening industry and hemp fibre for domestic and foreign bio-composites industry. 

Hemp bedding materials are known for being dust free, light colored and absorbent, but up until now the anti-microbial and -bacterial properties have not been taken into consideration. We develop animal bedding/litter products with natural antibacterial properties of hemp supported by other organic raw materials. The new antibacterial animal bedding can reduce the need to use antibiotics and thus the spread of resistant bacterial strains.

Our main R&D objective is to initiate and support the development of novel high performance biocomposite materials and composite products from hemp fibre. In the future, these outperforming composite solutions will offer Finnish industry a new portfolio of high volume high value products based on domestic natural resources.

Finnish hemp is always winter-retted and harvested during the spring. When the sun comes out in spring and warms up the fiber, it undergoes a natural process which removes most of the pectin and gives it the quality needed during the production process. This is usually done through processing requiring energy and/or chemicals. Our decortication line is designed to produce exceptionally long fibre due to harvesting and processing technology.

Hemp hurd, pellets and fibre

Contact Information

Mikko Neuvo, CEO

Tel. +358 44 3555 268

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